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Very powerful piece. Excellent writing - completely drew me in.
Wow. I'm so glad he listened to the Voice. Very compelling piece.
Great job. You've written a powerful piece on a very heavy subject.
The opening paragraph drew me into the story. Excellent descriptive writing.
It's amazing, how things work out when we listen to God's quiet voice. Great job with this. Very well written
Wow--very powerful! Seamless job with the flashbacks, and the ending really packs a punch. Excellent.
Oh wow. So very haunting and masterfully written. I was absolutely engrossed.
WOW! This is excellently done!
Oh man, this was good! I wasn't sure where you were going with it -- you did surprise me! Great writing, as always:)
Beautifully and powerfully written. I love the way you handled him discovering his son...the abrupt phrases interspersed with Scripture. Another awesome piece! :)
Interesting... I was a little confused, but I suppose, so was the main character.
Another great story by a favorite writer! Good going. Your stories always have great depth.
Very powerful. Very good. Bravo!
Wow, quite an intense entry here and a tragic issue many adults have had to work through emotionally. The ending certainly caught me by surprise. Very engaging writing.
Masterful! This piece requires reader's complete attention. No acceptions!
I've seen this happen is a similar/but different circumstance. Excellent writing!
Wow. This is excellent. Your ending totally surprised me.
Excellent work ... Drew me in and kept me reading. Great job.
Goodness...what impact this has! You always seem to touch on pressing issues that are plaguing our world today, and you do it with such authority. I can't help but keep my eyes glued to your words. Wow!