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What a cute idea. I like it and the way you presented it as well.
I'll have you know that I probably slept in more classes than most of my peers....and still pulled off A's! I'm quite familiar with this situation. The ultimate irony: in nursing class they all laughed at me when I fell asleep for the lecture on sleep disorders!
smile... I love your sounds. I tried to guess them before you explained them.
Cute and clever - fun use of the sounds to draw us in. I enjoyed this.
Great presentation on this fun piece. And the last paragraph is perfect.
Very creative entry. I love your use of sound descriptions in this!
Very cute, and a fun lesson in onomatopoeia, too!
What a fun entry. Something we can all relate to...great job.
This was a fun little blast from the past! Loved the formatting...extremely well done!
Clever formatting. I was in the moment with you all the way through.
Ha... love the "blah, blah, blah" I hear those exact same sounds every day too :) A lot of fun... thanks for taking me to school with you. :)
Very clever. I loved your awesome descriptions of the different sounds she heard. Fun!
Why can't they put more exciting teachers in those classes. They ought to know the majority of us do not get geometry...(lol)

I am amazed how many different angles there are to one little four-letter word.

I love your creativity.
LOVE it, from title to end. How creative and well-written!
Loved it! I can relate--right down to the drool!
I loved the different sounds. This was obviously written by someone with experience in a classroom, because the noises were all so authentic. :)