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You certainly captured the topic with this poem. Bet you had a lot of smiles writing it. Cute, fun, enjoyable, creative are just a few ways I'd describe this poem.
Very cute! An animal love story? Nice job!
Ha! Love your ending (that would be the tail ending). What fun. Great rhymes and meter here.
Three cheers for our hero: love for all and all for love. Well done.
Loads of fun and wonderfully done. Excellent use of internal rhyme.
I really enjoyed this story and I'm so glad the trap only got his tail. I hope the love story also ends well. You really made me care for these rodents. That's good writing since I don't usually care for rats. Yikes!
Absolutely charming. I was right there with Snappy. I'm glad it ended well!
Oh, this is fun! Very cute, and I love the message. With God all things are possible. Great job.
Wowzer, I read it aloud and got tongue-tied. Awesome, creative piece of work!
I couldn't believe I was cheering for a rat, but then he wasn't just any rat, it was Snappy. Love the humor, especially the stanza about "cheese scent." And the ending is perfect.
Cute! Reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, yet unique!
This was great! (smiling) I found myself picking up pace as I read towards the end when Snappy raced to save his love.
Very fun read ... great job. I really like the humor.
I enjoyed this, but children would love it, too, expecially with all the alliterations. Excellent!
What a fun story. Catchy rhythm too. I was holding my breath at the end, and I was sure that Snappy was a goner. So glad it only caught his tail. :)

It's writing like this that I can only hope to someday achieve. Creative and well written.