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Ohhhh, this leaves me wanting to know morethat's a good thing.
Just haunting. I don't think I breathed until it was over. Excellent job with the suspense. Very well done.
You created some powerful suspense in your well written entry.
Excellent job keeping the reader engaged throughout the story. Very chilling.
Suspenseful, gripping, and creepy. Cool. Right up my alley:)
Wow! You sure do leave a person hanging!!!! This phone call left me sitting on the edge of my seat, wondering who it was going to be in the end. Who WAS the mysterious caller? Guess I'll just have to CONSENTRATE on that one...Maybe next week's challenge you'll finish your story??? Hope so...Helen
Whoa! Very suspenseful. I like that you left the ending up to the reader. Well done.
This left me wanting to know more. Great story. Well done.
Edge of your seat suspense - the atmosphere grows more and more tense until the ending that you expect but hope isn't coming.
Seriously, I was riveted. I don't often hang on every word, but this story was a wonderful exception. I loved it and like others commented, it definitely left me wanting more. Great entry for the topic. :-)
Bonjour, My son and I really loved your story and would love to know what happen next....
Talk about suspense!

Good job. Definitely left the reader wanting more. What started out seemingly as a light hearted joke by "Meg" soon turned dark with a seamless shift into suspense. Well done.
Whoa, talk about leaving us hanging on every word! Great writing my friend. WELL DONE!
You are a master! I loved every word. I'm curious if you had more of the story in your head, but I really liked the open ending. Not every story needs to be tied up in a neat little package.