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Incredibly powerful entry. You had me experiencing things I've never felt before. That is the true test of good writing. Well done.

(Side note: If this is a true account my prayers are with you.)
Beautifully done.
Amazing descriptions - you put me right there. Excellent - masterful.
My heart sank with the MC's at the diagnosis and was glad there was family to turn to--and that mom responded in a meaningful and loving way.
I'm speechless. I pray, I hope this is not true!
Perfect style. Perfect flow, perfect sentence structure, perfect ending. You put just enough emotional language to let me feel it, but not enough to turn me off. Great job!
I knew a girl whose father died from ALS. I never really could understand the emotions involved with ALS, but you gave me a small glimpse of how it would feel like to be diagnosed with this horrible disease. Good job drawing the reader in and helping them feel the MC's emotions.
Your story was told amazingly well. My heart was breaking for the MC.
This is heartbreakingly real writing. How many haven't sent and received devastating messages via telephone like this. No visual clues to assist communication, one has only ears to hear.
How heartbreaking! I especially like your portrayal of the mother/daughter relationship, and the fact that she could finally cry when telling her mom the news.
I was especially touched by "The words weren't much. But they were all I had. And they were enough." Then to end with, "It was enough." Wonderful smooth, strong writing style.
Wow, you can pack a lot of emotion into your words. Amazing. I love this from beginning to end.
This is very well written and so very true. Great writing!
Great job. Very emotion filled.
Great job of showing the emotion of finding oneself with a terrible disease. Your writing captures the heart of the story so well.
A very engaging and touching story with heartbreaking moments expressed so well, moving me almost to tears. The ending brings reasonable comfort to the one in despair, yet deep within, an unspoken sorrow and uncertainty of what lies ahead in the future. Fortunately, the MC in the story has the Lord to rely on and a loving mom. Great piece of written work.
Amazing story! My mom recently passed away from ALS. I can say that the emotions are very real. I pray that it's fiction, but it was very real.