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Hilarious! It sounds vaguely like something someone did for real somewhere??????
What a riot!! Immensely creative and absolutely delightful. (Is this based on a true story?)
I like this! I'm still smiling as I enjoyed this light-hearted comedic take on the topic. Great job!
Great and super great. I could just see those two girls solemnly "draining" their lines!
Oh it is so good to read a little levity once in a while. I loved the lilt of this funny poem. It certainly painted some interesting word pictures...Could have happened--almost--in some places in the country, from what we have been seeing on the news...Thanks for the good laugh...I needed that. Have had a stressful week...Love and cheers...Helen
Hehe, I've heard this joke before. Fun to read it in rhyme.
Great job of story telling...Great job of rhyme and rhythm...great job of entertaining...great job of making me laugh. Thanks!
Loved this, really funny. Now that's an April fool's joke to remember.
LOL, Good job. Great rhythm and and a good laugh all in the same article. I actually know some people who would have followed through with it. LOL

Truly a funny story told well.
Oh, this is delightful, love the humor.
Oh, friend, you know just how to do it: write poetry, tell a terrific improbable but true story, and make your readers laugh outloud. Set this to music and you have a ballad for Aaron Willburn to sing to his side-split audiences. I just LOVE you!
What fun! As always, excellent rhythm and rhyme. I loved this entertaining poem.
Aww Mariane, you are such a hoot! This was so much fun to read.
This is amazing! I can also see this as a fun song.
ROFL!!! This is simply too too funny! I can just see all these people draining their phones out. Wow. So hilarious! I loved this, especially the last few verses. Nicely done! ^_^
LOL - just wonderful!
Poor Jack! What's wrong with a fun April Fool's joke like that? Haha. This was very funny, and I love how you can take just about any topic and turn it into a catchy poem.

I love how when I'm reading your stuff, I feel like I'm merrily "hopping" from one fun word to the next. Great job with this, Mariane.
Congratulations on a well-deserved 4th place. This poem is an absolute delight -- just like the author.
Mariane, congratulations on your well deserved EC.
Well I just have to put a second comment on here. I want to congratulate you on your well-deserved 4th place win. I love your poem, but then, I love all the writings you put out. You are an inspiration to many, and especially to me...Love in Christ, Helen
Very fun story. Congratulations!
This is so funny I can actually see it happening. I half-believed it myself. ;-) Very clever. Congrats on EC.
Congratulations, a really fun read!
You did it again, you funny little scamp. Congratulations!
A cute little prank and a really funny fun read! Congratulations on your EC 4th place win and thanks!