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How terrible it must be for kids to go from home to home without ever having a home. Your title is perfect and the story is very moving.
This reminds me of a young boy I taught in VBS. He and his brother were adopted by their foster parents. He had remarkable insight into how blessed a child is to have a family home. You need a tissue alert with this one. Well done.
This touched my heart and I'm so glad it had a happy ending. My heat breaks for kids in situations like this because love is the key to their own self image. If they don't have it, most can't give it. Thanks for the warm message.
Oh, did the title ever get me! The story, of course, even more. Wonderful, wonderful characterization and interior monologue especially. Beautifully done.
Oh, you are good! The title grabbed me and I'm SO glad! I was pleased that she had oatmeal cookies in the oven, but it was my second read through that I caught 'I can almost smell them now' clever. Thanks for this delightful, hopeful story.
Just sweet and perfect. I love the dialogue and enjoyed everything about it.
Loved every word of this. Especailly that she had the cookies going before. What a setting. Thanks for the smiles.
yeah... very creative word play with your title.. I love it. I WAS HOPING the family would "keep" him. You have a lot of cool touches in this, the "oatmeal cookies", the soft voice that "would have been a good voice for a mother" and I had to smile at the "manly dry eye".
You really seem to have captured what a boy in this situation would be feeling. Great story telling - a natural flow and a wonderful ending. Love it!
Great title, and a sweet story. Perhaps a tad predictable? I'd have liked some sort of twist at the end to counteract the inevitable.

My heart went out to this precious little fellow.
Poor little boy. I love the title, too. It is a heart-breaking reality that many children go from home to home through their entire childhood. I sure wish all of their stories could end this way.
This tugged at my heart. Well written.
Excellent writing here to show a young boy's feelings. I was hoping, too, he'd have a home.
Being an adoptive mom, something I dreamed of being since I was seven, this story brought tears to my eyes. I love this.
Moving story with a wonderful ending. Thanks for sharing.
Predictable, yes--but it is the excellent characterization and tenderness that drew me in and caused moisture to pool at the corners of my eyes. This is a great take on the topic.
Yes! Yes! This ended the way I had hoped it would end. I kept rooting for the little guy, and I get my fingers crossed hoping that the Evans would want to adopt him.

One of my favorites this week. :)
Beautifully done. I love the counterbalance between the MCs expectations and how it played out, it kept me engaged and interested.
Heart warming and rings true. I had an aunt who took in foster children and ended up adopting two. She had a wonderful heart and the kids (the ones I got to know) sounded exactly like your MC. Though Jan wouldn't care for saying he was nine, I think you captured his emotions perfectly. Loren
What a tender, loving story. I loved the fact that is was predictable. I wouldn't have wanted it to end any other way, although I do realize that for every Evan, there are many more who go to "where they send you next." This was a well-written piece that tugged at my heart. Thank you for sharing.
Whoops! I meant Nelson, not Evan. Sorry about that.
3rd place overall and an EC? And you think that you aren't worthy to be in the masters category? This is proof that you are where you belong. Congratulations! :)
Concrats, Jerry! As a Foster mom, my heart was truly involved as I read this story.
This story brought tears to my eyes. Loved it! What a wonderful ending. Having had foster children many years ago, I can understand Nelson's feelings, the feelings of so many children with no real home...Congratulations on your well deserved win....Helen
Congrats Gerald, for your level placing and your EC!!
Nelson was very real and believable. I enjoyed meeting him.
Congratulations on your EC!!
This was such a heartwarming story and so well told. Congratulations on your EC win which was well deserved!
Congrats on placing with this moving, encouraging article. The little clues the boy was receiving showed that things were different this time.