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Amen! Sounds like a place I'd be happy in.
Great title. Lovely poem. Good point. and mmmmm, cookies from the oven.
Yes, I agree. I would not feel at home in a mansion, as I am a lover of the kind of life you describe. I like a simple life - nothing elaborate...But you know what? I think that in heaven we may have the type of "mansion" that we would be happy in. For a queen, queenly surroundings, because that is what she is used to. For simple folks, just the things that would make us happy. But whatever, if our Lord is there, it WILL be what will make us happy. Oh, heaven is going to be a great unbelievable a lovely gift under a Christmas tree - unimaginable...I love your poem, and the rhyme and rhythm are perfect... It's kind of like a lymeric in its style...but of course not quite like one...Helen
Just lovely - I adore the images and the wonderful, wonderful message you portray so masterfully here.
I love the meter you've chosen here, and the great rhyme choices. Very nice!
You are a good poet. What I like is the way you did justice in your descriptions to both the mansion and the humble abode. Good writing.
I enjoyed this. Smooth read with a nice flow and pace. Great descriptions and now I want to eat some cookies. ;)
Wonderful poem. Sounds like home to me.
The happy home of our childhood is always the one we search for the rest of our lives...your descriptions make this fond wish come alive. Lovely!
This absolutely beautiful poem, masterfully written, shows not only gifted writing talent, but a beautiful heart as well.
What a great poem. I am always amazed at those who write poetry and can convey the message so clearly. I like this.
Lovely sentiment. This different, yet consistent meter keeps the reader from slipping in to sing-song. Nicely done!
Either I'm weepy this morning, or this brought me to tears. Lovely and well-written, this was a meaningful piece in every way.
You have beautiful images and wonderful word choices in this lovely poem!
I agree with your choice.
Simple is best when attached to all those wonderful memories.
I learned a new word from this poem - recherch.

I really liked the idea presented in this poem. The idea that our Heavenly home should be as familiar and comfortable as our Earthly homes.

A very well written and enjoyable piece. Thank you for sharing.
I love this:

I dont need a mansion up here, sir.
I know all my familyd agree.
If I could just have my small house on a hill,
Now that would be heaven to me.

This is so well done. Thank you for this beautiful poem.
The rhythm and rhyme of this poem flowed well together. It captured the heart from beginning to end.
An absolutely beautiful entry and the meter and rhyme flow of this poem are as smooth as velvet. Great job Mariane :- )
A poetic Masterpiece as usual! I fully understand your preference - but I've never lived in a mansion, so I'm sure I'd be delighted with whatever He is preparing for me up there! MY main concern is making it! Your poetry is always First Class - Kudos!
I really enjoyed this poem. I live in an antebellum type home but I agree: home is where the heart is. I think the same goes for the area of the country. Just give me friends and family and I'll plant myself and be happy! So well done!