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How beautiful.
Undeniable who wrote this - it is absolutely magical in its setting and descriptions and ambiance. Fabulous in every way. When I grow up I wanna write JUST like you.
Oh, hooray! I've learned a new word: bromeliad.
This is rich with warmth and description. Beautiful.
Lovely memories to carry into old age. Precious memories still to be made. Sounds perfect.
Stunning descriptions and word choices. This is a masterpiece. I felt part of this somehow-WELL DONE.
Such beautiful imagery and lovely writing all around. Very, very nice.
Your word choices are always just right. Perfect!
Memories so vivid the pictures appeared and faded in my mind's eye with every sentence. The sights and the smells so real I sighed with contentment. This is just superb in every way Anja.
Sigh. What a touched me through the whole reading. I love the description of the sugared trees and the snow on the tombstones. There's just such an intimacy to your writing that is present in every single entry. You're a master story-teller; no doubt about it.
A truly wonderful read. I love your word choices. Well done.
Masterful imagery. I savored the old man's memories with him and thought of a few of my own. Outstanding writing. I loved the surprise intrusion at the end.
It's hard to explain, but when I read your writings, I feel like I am witnessing a painter add one meticulously placed brush stroke after another until finally a beautiful picture has been crafted.

I was transported into this cozy home, and I didn't want to leave. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
Ann, it is simply impossible for me to read your work and not fall in love with it. You write so well and evoke so many tender emotions with your use of words and the situations you put your characters into. Loren
A top 10 list without Ann just doesn't seem right, so I'm glad you are there.

You are a role model to me, and while I want to maintain my own unique writing style, I would love to someday be able to craft words as eloquently as you do. Congratulations on your win! :)
Lovely. I had hoped one of his kids would drop by, and you didn't disappoint! Congratulations and a job well done.
Ann -- Congrats on your EC with this lovely story.
Congratulations, Ann!! I have to say that this is one of my favorite stories this week-it's beautiful!
Beautiful writing - congratulation. :)
This story was lovely! Such descriptions of all the senses:) Wonderful read.
Wow! I think this summer I will take the time, besides the Word, and read your past entries. You are truly gifted by the Lord and each piece is like a beautiful painting that speaks volumes to my soul and spirit. After so long I come upon this story and find myself wanting to hunker down from the cold with the embers of warm memories shared. Masterfully written!