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The ending was powerful and caught me by surprise. Excellent reminder to make hay while the sun shines.
Sensitively done with great writing and dialogue.
I didn't see that end coming, which made the impact of the message that much greater. This certainly gives one pause to reflect.
The unexpected ending drove your point home with convicting power. Well done.
The emotion in this is so real. I was expecting her friend to be sick in the hospital maybe, or in prison - not dead. Great twist, with a wonderfully clear and poignant message. The end is just perfect.
Wow, what a sad surprise at the end.Great writing and much needed lesson to us all!
Wow. Very powerful. I had an inkling of the ending just before I got there, but only just. What a great reminder and illustration of the topic!
Kristen, this is one of your best ever...powerful and moving.
Awesome storytelling with a powerful message.
This is really good--very powerful message. Your writing is engaging, as always, and the story held me captive. Great job with the topic.
Wonderful. Powerful. 'nuff said.
WOW Kristen, this was awesome. You just hooked me from the first sentence and kept me till the end. Wonderful example of the topic. Superb!
Hopefully somebody shared the Lord with her friend before she passed on. Then this would really be sad. But, excellent story, superb ending as far as the semi-unexpected ending, very real and honestly told. Excellent, Kristen. Great job. God bless.
LOVED the ending. A complete and unexpected twist that packed a powerful punch. There was one "head hop" near the beginning when you mention how her husband prayed (you switched to his POV). But other than that, excellent and creative take on topic this week!
I like the way you led up to the decision...the sleeplessness, the nightmare, the husband trying to help, etc.
I got a little confused at the flashback memory, but not for long.
This is touching. Thank you for writing it.
You attempted to write something different ... and succeeded! I love the tone, almost suspenceful and the ending surprised me. All along, I thought she was going to tell her friend about her Christianity and her friend was going to tell her she'd been keeoing the same secret! Nice Stretch!
I feel we have a placer with this. Your writing shines in this entry, thanks for sharing. Keep stretching, it works for you!
Wow. I was in suspense the entire time, and then when I reached the end, the story really had an impact on me.

I truly hope that I will learn to take advantage of every witnessing opportunity given to me.

I would like to see this story place high this week. It is excellent. Thank you for sharing Kristen.
This story rings truer for me than I'd like to admit. Great descriptions, emotion and passion!
Great writing as always, Kristen!
What a punch that packed!! Super job, super message. (super understatement. LoL)
If this was a stretch for you, I would say you are in great writing shape. Masterfully told. Impressive.
Absolutely beautiful, well written, and the most perfect example of the topic...I loved it.
Oooh, so very sad! I didn't see that end coming. I figured that maybe she was going to meet an estranged parent in the hospital or something. Wow. So very sad, but true, we need to remember to speak up throughout our everday things. This was great and really good at the end! ^_^
***Congrats, Kristen!*** Way ta write! ^_^
Kristin, congratulations on placing with this winsome piece. Great writing. Loren
03/20/08 I am crying. I guess from a writer's point of view, that's a good thing. Very moving. Congrats on your EC.
Congratulations on your EC, Kristen. This was an awesome piece.
Congratulations on your EC, Kristen!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! ;)
Tear jerker alert! Great job, Kristen. Congratulations.
Excellent writing! This is very convicting, and definitely on-topic. I'm glad I found the time to read it today.