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Ahahahaha. Too funny. There was I thinking she was an annoying fool and you go and twist your ending. Hahaha. Still laughing. :)
There I was thinking the wife was over reacting to every thread of news she got, when your ending went and showed she was completely on the ball.
SO cute and clever--you had me going throughout, thinking you were doing an "anti-proverb," right up until the end. I LOVE the ending (along with all the rest of it, of course!). Great characterization.
Oh this is just wonderful! VERY well done. So many lines I loved..."Wife's Home Spending Network" (LOL), and so many more. And then the ending was perfect. Really enjoyed this!
Fantastic! So much dialogue, but perfectly written--that's so hard to do, but you pulled off because each line advanced the plot. Loved it.
I absolutely loved your ditsy blonc, and her final "never know" was priceless.
oops... blond
This had me chuckling loudly as I read it. I was thinking she was definitely a goof ball, until the phone call. Oh and the ending was just great. So well written Sir Bill!
Whee! Your ending is a classic. I just love this. It's very well done. Thumbs up.
I wqnder how many times this convesation is being repeated around the nation at this moment. And, aside from that, it has always struck me as odd, that no matter how unsuaual their reasoning, women are almost always proven right! Your article is a fine example as just a case in point.
This was just wonderful! I loved EVERY word. I especially liked the Wife Home Shopping Club. (Wife home, wife shops)
This is one of your most clever pieces. Loved, Loved, Loved it!
I love it! Darla is just too cute, and her husband so patient. Great story. :)
Hoped you aimed for cute this time becasue that is what I see. Perfect-all of it! Thanks for the smiles.
There isn't a single line of this story that didn't engage me and keep me laughing.

Your ending was perfect. Actually, this whole story is perfect.

This one is going on my favorites list. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of words and wit Sir William. :)
You had me in stitches! my kids were all asking what I was laughing at so I will let them read it too! Excellent story. I want to know if they had the baby!
Oh, this is a fun one. I enjoy your wit. Great job on the topic. Thanks for sharing your gift.
Bradford is in for an interesting life. I loved this story and I thought it was going somewhere else completely.Great twist at the end.
ROFL! I love the light and fluffy air here. It is indeed a lovely floating piece and yes I did enjoy this very, very much! The ending was a real kicker! Darla is a great character and I love the line with next time she's praying to let him listen in. Very good! ^_^ After all, you never know...
How can so much dialogue be so visual? Great sense of humor, voice and timing. Enjoyed it.
Nice piece of fluff, eh? lol!*** Congratulations on your EC!***
Congratulations! You never know!
Way to go, William : ) This is nice to see. I really enjoyed this "light" "cute" insightful piece of "fluff"
Congratulations, Loren
Congratulations on your EC, William. Too cute. Love the wife's personality.
Congrats on your EC! I'm so happy for you! This is brilliant!!!!
Congrats on your EC! I'm so happy for you! This is brilliant!!!!
Congratulations! Sooo glad to see you place!
Congratulations, SirWilliam! Your writing always entertains and your endings hold an O. Henry surprise twist that takes me by surprise everytime. Wish I knew how to do that (^&^) Thanks for another delightful entry.
Congratulations, Bill!!!
What a fun story! I love your portrayal of this husband and wife -especially the playfulness on the wife's part. What a great ending!