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How beautifully the dialogue invites the reader into the scenario.You can see the little fellow's heart grow to bursting with a healthy family pride throughout this tale.
I love the interaction between Pappa and the boy.

I don't know why, but something about how they were talking about grandpa seemed somehow disrespectful to him - it could just be me, though. Maybe it's just optimistic me, wanting to be sure nobody's feelings are hurt. But, since you asked for critique, I'm sharing my feelings.

Perfect title, and a lovely story overall.
Good dialogue and descriptions here, and sometimes it is good to use a familiar figure to give a life lesson.
Great lesson, but knowing how kids talk someone is going to get an earful after Jasons next visit with Grampa!
I loved this story. Watching/listening to "boys" work and talk at the same time is so much fun.
I loved the dialogue and the interaction of the characters in this piece. It comes across as very realistic to me. The only (slight) thing I think I would have changed is in the opening, I think I would have had Jason ask whether Grampa and Pappy were about the same age. I think that might have flowed a bit better into the "old and really old" comment than asking whether Grampa was older. I really liked this piece! It's a great illustration of the topic and reminder for all of us!
Very realistic dialogue, and perfect for the topic. I could visualize every moment of this scene.
I love the dialogue and how Pappy's "making hay" was a good example for Jason to follow. Excellent story.
This was a great story. Very believable dialogue (I could hear it). I really loved the interaction between the little boy and his Pappy. A perfect example of the topic. Well done!
Very good story. So were pappy and grampa like inlaws? Just wondering. I really enjoyed the read. God bless.
Sweet story! I also wondered about the Pappy and Grandpa relation. At first I thought one was a great-grandpa and one a grandpa. But then he said he'd been a good "friend" so I'm thinking maybe Pappy was a friend of the family. I might have clarified that a bit. But other than that tiny detail, I enjoyed the story very much! Well done!
Very good dialoque and realistic. I would suggest that you may possibly want to be a little more subtle with tying in the topic. It felt a little as if you were explaining the topic too much.
I loved all the charcters ... you built them up well!
Realistic dialogue, good story. I like the message. Great work!
I love the dialogue!
I also wondered how Granpa and Pappy were connected at first.
It's a good example of living life to its fullest.
I too wondered if both men were his grandparents. Liked how they worked together, liked the dad coming into the picture as he did. Up-lifting story, thanks for sharing.
I really like the lessons taught in this piece. Determination instead of procrastination is the way to go.

I got a bit confused as to who Pappy was in relation to the grandpa. I kept thinking that he was the boy's other grandfather, and somehow the two grandfathers ended up being friends. I'm probably wrong though.

I appreciate you sharing this.
I'd leave a comment but I'm heading off to go build that go-kart I gave up on so long ago...okay, not really, but you made me WANT to :)
Now remember, paint the car, not my workbench.
That is just one example of how you nailed the realistic dialogue...I am out of red ink.
Awww! This was so sweet! I liked the character of Jason and especially the lesson you wove through here without making it in-your-face obvious. That was really good! I don't have too much RED INK for this, except for to make it a little clearer between Grampa and Pappy. Otherwise, good job! ^_^
What a great way to deliver a powerful message. I really liked that the "students" were young enough to see the example and start their dreams early on.