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Oh wow ... this WOULD take some boldness! You captured the whole progression well and put us in a different country and culture while including another. WELL DONE!
I'm especially impressed with your dialog - not sure I'd even know how to start doing effective "broken English."
Perfect for the topic, and you did an amazing job immersing us in the culture, and Mysha's mind.
wow, that is powerful! Loved the story...but I think I found a small typo.

In this sentence, "My husband Qaseem enters the kitchen suddenly." I think you're missing a comma.

But other than that, its amazing! Great job!
This is awesome. Very powerful, and very well written. It makes me glad I am an American woman and do not have to live like your MC. Five stars for this one.
Your story kept me on the edge of my seat. The cross-cultural descriptions and broken English infuse it with authenticity.
This is masterful writing from beginning to end. A great story.
I'm breathless with admiration for such powerful storytelling, and heartbroken for Mysha, all at once! There are so many like her...It felt as though every single word here was crafted with Abba's love...Thank you for allowing Him to use your awesome writing gift to stir me to prayer!
I can't think of a situation that would need boldness more than this one. I was so caught up in the story, it just made me angry that the poor woman was being so mistreated! Great writing on a topic that's truly relevant today.
Oh, wow. Talk about being caught into the story. I shudder for what Mysha will face in the future when her husband and family discover her decision. This is definetely a story of boldness.
I love the way that her narrator's voice is articulate, but her spoken voice is broken English--gives the reader the impression that we are hearing her thoughts in her naitve tongue. Very good!
A very good story and one that is true for many women in the 10/40 window of the world. Her choice at the end is truly a bold one. If she became a Christian convert, in many parts of the world that act would cause her to be either cast out of her family or killed. Good telling of this dilemma.
I love this! I could picture this woman, and her fear and hope and all other emotions were so clear. The ending left me with a huge grin of happiness. Good, no- GREAT job!! :-)
Oh, my! What a wonderful telling of this BOLD story! I find myself wanting to hear more about these lovely young women and Mysha's new decision. A truly fascinating story! Great job!

I want so much for this to be expanded. If you ever do, you have an audience right here. Bravo!
I think you broke my heart. This situation is awful. You are a very good writer and depicted the scenes and characters with much finesse! Great job. Excellent writing--now I have to find a dictionary and look up a few things:) God Blesses your writing!
This is so inspiring. So well done, capturing the culture, pain and yearning of the heart that Mysha was trapped in. Have you ever read that book "I Dared to Call Him Father" by Bilquis Sheikh? This story reminds me of the oppression Christian women often have to endure in such a culture.
Wow! Extrodinary. A tangible slice of life. If an unbeliever were to read this, I'm certain they would be intrigued to want to know more. What else can I say, but well done!
Ditto all the above comments, Amy. Absolutely excellent in all aspects.
WOW! I think that sums up this brilliant piece. It takes courage, boldness and tons more to do what Mysha did. Very vivid with the descriptions, like Sarah helping with the dishes and the dialouge between the husband/wife. This was so real! Excellent writing, Amy!
Amy, this is very good. Makes me appreciate that I'm a Christian! We take so much for granted. Thank you for the reminder of other cultures.
Oh, wow! This is boldness on a whole different level than what we, as Americans (or similar), know. Excellent.
This is great. Bravo. Two thumbs up.
WOW. I 'felt' that. For real.
Based on your descriptions in the beginning, I was able to determine right away that this story was about a Muslim couple. You setup the environment very well.

You definitely did your homework here, and I like how you emphasized the truth - that no one is perfect.

I was happy to see that Mysha was determined to get the answers she was looking for, no matter the cost.