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Good point. We all need to learn how to evangelize in a Godly manner.
I love your stepson's approach of healing to a hurting world. Your message is presented so well in this piece.
Love the last line especially - and an amazing message throughout. Much to ponder here.
Whet a great lesson here. We need to be great commissioners, but not beat people over the head with our faith. I love your ending, too.
What a beautiful picture of the boldness of Christ operating within young Joe! You really got across the great honor it is to steward such Good News! And I loved the humble touch of humor at the end; I could feel God's delight in transforming challenge into opportunity. Love it!
Seems the evangelist has forgotten WHO does the calling to the soul. Perhaps he felt the weight of "saving" the people himself! I'm glad you wrote this story. We need to step back and look at the message we're presenting. No one is drawn to condemnation, but forgiveness is good for anyone. Good writing and dialog.
I think god put together the perfect team :)
Hope this is a true story--gave me goosebumps! What a way to proclaim God's great mercy, not condemnation! Great writing!
Bold for Christ - this is a tereffic message. It is odd that the one thing our faith offers that all the others lack is Grace and it seems to be continually overlooked. I liked the way this was brought out in your writing.
Oh, man, I have chills. Does Joe go to my alma mater? LOL. We had a 'speaker's circle' where crazy guys just like the one in your story would defame innocent passerby and preach a truly ungodly message. It made my blood boil then, and I find now that it still does.

I hope this is a true story - good for Joe! May God continue to work through him to reach others in His name. Thank you so much for sharing this; good luck this week!
Yes, to those who asked, this is a true account. In response to all the so-called "reality" TV I have vowed to keep my challenge entries based in kingdom realities :-)