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Hehehe Billy certainly was bold. I thought this this was really good and very creative.I loved the ending too, getting to see Billy's last trick. Well, at least for a year. ;)
What a boy! Love all the detail, and the dialog. This had me charmed and intrigued throughout. A fun read for sure.
I loved your impertinent, audacious boy. You brought Billy to life, and then some.
Heehaw! As clever a character sketch as I've seen on the FW site! I'm glad someone had the creativity to paint the not-so-noble side of boldness, and did it with such delightful humor! Marvelous writing.
Great story! I've met a few Billys in my day, but none as endearing as this one.
How I loved this story! I've only raised daughters, but for some reason I have a soft spot in my heart for little boys, and especially naughty little boys. This reads like an episode of "Little House on the Prairie", and I loved every word.
Well written.. great story.. love the talent here it takes to write in a different era... !
Poor teacher! Your characters are richly defined. Love the story and the characters. Fine writing!
Fun story!
This was great! I love your writing style. You are so good at crafting a story and engaging the reader. Another masterful etnry.
Kinda thought Billy had one more trick up his sleeve, and I was almost expecting a booby trap of some kind in the door as per your hint about it midway through the story. This story has a 'Little House On the Prairie' feel to it. Fun reading this.
Great writing, pulled me right in with this one. Good Job!
Great voice in this piece. Even though Billy was naughty, I love how you let us know he was also misunderstood without coming out and saying so. Good job.
A fun story of a mischieveous little boy. My great aunt was a school marm of such a school in Kansas, I wonder if she had pupils like Billy. Most likely.
I think Miss Bailey is a saint! :-) I loved the story.
Great writing. I kept wanting Miss Bailey to pull one over on Billy. I think she's the one who is bold to so patiently teach boys like Billy. Good job.
I thought my school transcript was under lock and key at the juvenile detention office. Now I'll have to get even...