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Hehe, this is a clever take on this topic! Poor old Mr. Wolf. He needs a bit of life coaching from Mary Q. Contrary. Maybe she's finished with Goldie and has room for a new client. Really cute story!
This is hilarious. Still laughing out loud. Well done.
This was a brilliant use of humor to get at the topic. Loved it!
Soooo creative! I loved everything about this one! Where do you get your ideas from?
Really focused on the paragraph where the counselor reminds the client that he may not be the main character in this event. Wow! When obtacles come into our life we only see the way the problem effects us personally, without considering that we might only be a small part of a much bigger picture. It
s taken me many years to learn to ask "God what is it you want to teach me in this?" Never would have thought of spiritualizing the story of the big bad wolf. Sorry, didn't mean to sterotype the mc. ;)
How clever and creative! Lovin' the Biblical truth masquerading as psychobabble! Wondering if I know who this is...Great piece!
HA!! I loved it... what a fun creative teaching ... weaving humor, fairy tale and the Bible... I am also wondering if I know the wolf here also... ( author creator I mean)
Wonderful and creative, enjoyed reading it! Also, great clue!!
I am amazed at your creativity and your ability to include a serious lesson in this humorous spoof. Watch your use of their/there. Otherwise, excellently done.
Oooh, what fun! I've written a few of these twisted fairy tales myself, but never with such a spiritual "take." My hat's off to you.
I dont know, and thats not the point. Until you begin to rely on God for your strength, you will continue to fall short of your expectations. God made you a wild beast, so be a wild beast, but do it for his glory not yours. Thats where youll find purpose and satisfaction. -- Wonderful illustration of truth, set in a wonderfully creative tale. I am quite impressed. Congratulations on being highly commended and placing in the EC.

I love your title and your ending! Great job. Blessings, Cheri
Congrats on your EC placement! It's well-deserved.
Congratulations on your EC. I love the ending -- and I want to hear his version of those woes too. Good job.
Fantastic piece. A well deserved win. Congratulations