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Ah, yes, the sublime memories of first love. The first date. The blush of romance. The-wait!-finger stuck up the nose?! This is the kind of story a parent does NOT want their kids to's too tempting for them to tell anyone who will listen. Funny!
Love it!
Too funny! Great job with the dialogue.
I loved the dialogue. It was well written and entertaining. I am surprised that the dad was able to keep on driving!
Oh, how much fun is this. Dialog is excellent, and I love the characterization - great folks, and so real. Excellent, my friend.
Hubby made me read this out loud to him when I told him the title. We both laughed hard! Thanks - Great job. :)
The threats from Mom sound awfully familiar. ;0)
This was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it very much, and you did a super job with characterization and dialogue.
This is THE winner. I love it! The beginning reference to the zoo and the nose picking gorilla grabbed me and it never let go!

The dialogue is perfect-o and realistic. I loved the line: "Oh, you think this is funny, Glen? I think I’ll be choosing not to remember some other things for a couple of weeks, of NIGHTS.” I laughed out loud.

You are a master! Great job.

this was great.. nose pickin love needs to be the Title of the next country western hit!... you could make millions~! Fun story
This story is just...perfect!!!!!
This is hilarious! Great job!
This is a delightfully funny story. The dialogue sounds like something heard in our house when the kids were little. You did a great job with the topic.
Oh those crazy, embarrassing moments that somehow endear us to someone. It's got to be love, mixed with humility and forgiveness. Fun story and take on the subject.
Oh, this is too funny!! The dialog was great, I chuckled all through this one! :-)
Too funny! Although I can't understand the mom's embarrassment. In our house, we share gross stories without blinking an eye. Hey - they happen to everyone! LOL
Great story - had me smiling all the way through.
***tears running down face--snorting with laughter*** I love it! I've had conversations like that with a 10 year old AND his father. Absolutely wonderful.
Oh boy, I am still laughing here. What a story! I love the dialouge-especially Jason, a loveable character. That is definitely one way to remember a first date...^_^
I think the only reason why you didn't place first, it's more hilarious than embarrassing! Even so, it's written by a gifted man. Keep this up and you had better write humor into your first book my friend. I'll buy the first copy! Thanks for making this lady smile and laugh right out loud. Sorry it took me so long to comment, I've been outa commission.