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Oh! This kind of bullying and racist taunting just makes me so mad! I feel so bad for your main character. The embarrassment she felt that day didn't belong to HER, it belonged to her tormentors. Great story, and your writing did an awesome job of drawing me into that awful day.
Wonderfully written. Yes, we know who SHOULD be embarrassed.
Excellent story. The description was wonderful and rich. I remember day like that collecting conkers and eating berries. The turn in the middle of the story was expertly done and the topic more than adequately tackled.
You set the scene masterfully and vividly. Your descriptions are absolutely poetic - and such an amazing contrast to the awful racism and hatred displayed here. Wonderful.
This is one of those pieces that sticks in the gut to remember for days. The pure innocence of a child meeting the pure evil of the god of this world... It makes me want to protect my new grandchildren from this kind of thinking forever... thanks for this piece.. greatly written. Dianne
Yikes! This story is infuriating, gut-wrenching and extremely well-written, besides. You definitely know how to stir the emotions.
I wonder how I ever place in this Level. This is GREAT in every sense; from a readers perspective and that of a writer. Oh, you grabbed my innards and messed with them. I bow in awe. God bless.
Beautiful, Troubling, Powerful. You made me feel so many emotions. You are a master. Great job!
Wonderfu writing! You captured both the world's so perfectly - One left that day with more than conkers, what, I wonder did (at least one)some other bring home. My hope that is was more than the squased remains of an apple on a muddy shoe.
Great job.
Oh, this little girl has stolen my heart! What a perfect narration...and I learned a new word, too--"conkers" was unfamiliar to me.

As usual, every word is perfectly chosen, for a piece that flows like honey.
Great story--embarassing and heartbreaking at the same time. I felt as if I was right there in the woods with the little girl, watching such a scene unfold.
Helen, your descriptions are vivid and perfect. Narration is awesome. Story is unforgettable. Congratulations on your win. Blessings, Cheri
This story will stick with me. Congrats on your EC placement.