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You caught and held my interest right away and through to the end. Good writing.
Until I read the word "tunic" I imagined Ness a run-away in the slave-pocked US Confederate states. Even then there was no certainty until the familiar names, Onessimus and Philemon, were revealed at the end. This made them real characters rather than characatures carved in the stone of their culture. Slavery takes the same toll on humans in any age, and our Lord provides the same sweet succor. Very good writing!
this was so good! I can see a "teen" book with all kinds of biblical stories brought to life in intetesting and well written script like this!
I suspected, but your "loosely based on" had me fooled. Great story, well written.
I caught on about halfway through - or started suspecting, anyway. It didn't stop me from becoming thoroughly engaged in this wonderful story. Excellent.
A masterful way of bringing the scriptural account to life. A satisfying conclusion. This would appeal to almost any age.
Even though I don't usually care to read "fictionalized" accounts of Bible stories, this was so well done, you rather snuck up on me! I did recognize the "plot" early on, but had to keep reading to be sure I was right...and to see how you handled it all. I certainly did enjoy reading this story, regardless of my pre-conceived ideas (^-^)
I guessed pretty quickly what the story was about but was captivated by the excellent writing.
Oh, I love this story. What a great way to get teens interested in the Bible. Wonderful.
Thank you for making this story from the Bible come alive for me. Nicely done, truly inspired writing.
Okay, you trick me! I didn't know this was going to turn into a story I knew! lol. Very well written, the nicknames are excellent and you made this all come to life like I've never read it before. It sounds like a book I could spend an afternoon reading to see what happens next. Good job.
Very well written, Yeggy! I enjoyed this a great deal. Hope you enter again very soon my friend.