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You know, I never really heard the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven. Boy, there have been a multitude of prom themes with that. You had an AHA moment, at least for me, when you told of that song compared to the Pomp and Circumstance, contrasted the meanings and hinted that, perhaps, the young look more for meaning than those who organize graduations. This type of out of the box thinking would lend itself well to a devotional! Good job!
I also think it would be a good devotional. I like your title; it sums up succinctly what your message is in the article.
And not just the school leaders, but even many parents dangle the 'pomp and circumstance' carrot of materialism before their children. It's gotten so mixed in with our Christian culture that we hardly recognize it. The music theme was well-chosen for its ability to open young hearts.
I'm wondering if Led Zeplin meant thier lyrics to be interpreted like you wrote! I'm guessing, NOT. But God can intervene and use those words for a Godly interpretation in spite of whatever they meant. Good devotional and I really think teens would "get it"!
I like the ending.
Excellent devotional for teens - great exposition.
Great message. I thought this line nailed it: "In a world desperate for some good news, there are too many Christians busy adjusting their baskets so their light won't shine through." Good work.
I count myself among those ex-hippies, so I really enjoyed hearing this. It'd make a great commencement address that both teens and their parents would enjoy. With a musical background, of course! (now I've got that song in my mind...)
Awesome message, well written, down to earth--thanks for sharing!
I find this piece to be at once both deep and profound - as a matter of fact, a perfect commencement address.

There will be those that read or hear it and will instantly understand its message and possibly sigh under their breath that the same feelings you have shared here are very much like their own.

Great job!
You know what I wish I would have heard at my graduation ceremony? This article. Or maybe at the Baccalaureate, seeing as how it was a public school. I'm thinking this one will do well.

ps my prom theme was Stairway To Heaven, and I've always loved the spiritual meaning of that song!