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A chilling recount of an all too often occurance. It's amazing the power that drugs hold over people. They become more important than everything else. Good job of showing us without copping out into a pat ending.
Very good and realistic story. I like how you gave a glimmer of the main character's conscience showing through her need for drugs, and the sad reality of the addiction over-shadowing her mother's heart.
A vivid description of phycical pain involved in birthing a child and sad emptiness when there is no baby to fill the arms making up for any agony experienced. True as per previous commment you didn't cop out, but the optimist, idealist in me caught sight of a tiny seedling of hope planted by the case worker. You know a story succeeded when a reader feels like praying for a character!
Brilliant writing. Your descriptions were very real and painful to read.

I would think that it would be motivating for an addict to get to see their baby from a distance or get a photo or something. I would assume they might eventually.

The tug of war between drugs and love. The end was very realistic.
Wow! Excellent title, great description, deep feeling, and a compelling, disturbing glimpse into a world where so many live — and die. Great job.
Absolutely chilling. My heart ached for both the girl and the baby. You moved me to pray for others in this situation. I don't think a fictional (I hope!) story has ever done that for me. That's how powerful I found this. Wow.
Oh, Ann--this tears my heart out! Such powerful, powerful writing...teens absolutely love reading raw truth like this.
What an appropriate title for this powerful teen story. It makes the reader long to see another ending.
You have captured the inner wrestling between good and evil in a very profound way. I could picture the entire scene in my mind.

Great job.
Your descriptions of labour are vivid and real. Again, I liked the non-pat ending. many entires I've read this week don't have the happy ending and I've found them all leaving my soul breathless.
So sad, yet probably so true in many cases. Somehow, we need to reach the young. Maybe this article will help.
Oh,the hell of addiction is so vividly portrayed here. Wow! Great writing.
Wow. I could so feel for her. She's trapped in a cycle she wants but likes and thinks she hates. It's a nice emotional triangle. You captured some good images here, some classic and some heart-breaking. Excellent writing.
Perfect title and ending. I know the safe way would have been to have her hear the baby and want to enter rehab, a situation we all pray for, but sometimes this is the reality, and you wrote it tragically, but so well.
Excellent title and story just AWESOME. Honestly you are one of the absolute best authors that I have ever read.