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The mystery of discovering who one is? Interesting way of using the theme, and one everyone can relate to. Good job.
A very real life mystery that all women encounter at some point in life. My revelation also was the importance of molding and disciplining lives. Thanks for sharing your gifts... Angel
Well done and unique approach to a question many women ask at some point. Lots of food for thought.
I liked how you used the recurring glances of her eyes in the mirrors and the asking of the question, "Where is she?" to give the feel of mystery to this piece! Great message and satisfying ending! :)
Well done! This is a message most need to hear. You built the suspense well and resolved it beautifully.
Nice job with the line of "Where is she?" A great story of self-discovery.
Good story and great point! How important mothers are to the world!!
Excellent job of creating the atmosphere, and of bringing us along. A message I certainly needed to hear, and delivered in an extremely engaging "package."
Who am I? We all would like to know that question. In God, we are special. Good thought.
The repetition of "Where is she?" throughout is very effective. Nice job!
The repetition of "Where is she?" throughout is very effective. Nice job!
Really creative. I enjoyed reading this! Great writing! Thanks for the M&M's!
The whole thing was so well done, but that last paragraph, that was strong and powerful. Well done.
This belongs in a women's magazine. It is so true to life. Very well done.
I love how the eyes changed with the knowledge that God has a plan for our lives. I enjoyed your mystery.