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I think this was pretty well-written. I had an idea of where it was going, but I think the word limit really limited how much suspense people can build. You did well!
Agreed. I was so hoping it really was a dog! :0) Well done.
Aww! Cute mystery! I love the character of Sabrina and especially glad that it turned out to be a dog and not a murder victim. ;) Nice work with the suspense though, I wish it'd been longer.
I really enjoyed this realistic story with good suspense! Many people jump to wrong conclusions, because they have some information about a situation, but are missing crucial pieces! I can easily see how Sabrina could have thought her dad had done Mr. Winthrop harm! Good job! :)
I was pulled along for sure - great suspense and I love the resolution!
Extremely clever, a full plot arc AND character devolopment in 750 words. Masterful!
You set up the mystery well pointing the reader in one direction while the real mystery was enacted and revealed. Well done. yeggy
I kinda guessed where this was going, too -- but I thought it was a surprise Easter rabbit they were struggling with rather than a dog. Even though I was pretty sure there was no real harm done to anyone, it was fun to see the story unfold.
The suspicious mind of the daughter was well protrayed, although the ending was predictable. Very cute story.
Very good. I liked it. I didn't guess a dog, but I enjoyed the ending. God bless.
Surprise! Surprise! I was certainly hoping it wasn't Mr. Winthrop. Good suspense.
Cute! I thought it might be an animal, but was expecting a fighting, scratching cat! Nicely written, I enjoyed reading it.
My kind of mystery! Great story! I loved the characterization of the young girls!
I loved how the misunderstanding turned into a good surprise. This was a very well told story.
Great suspense build up and one of those that could have ended very very well, or not. So glad it ended well!
Ooooohhh buddy that's good. I was riveted to the end.
Clever and convincing. The suspicions held by the children were age appropriate and made the story credible and fun to read.
Ah ha! Love the end, now we know why he wanted that fence fixed so badly! Great writing, great mystery.
Delightful story! I love the way you strung us along with the suspense!