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What fun - a murder with a living victim! I enjoyed this - and the characterisation. I could hear the British accent loud and clear.
My favorite line:"It's the fact that...well, she ain't dead." Made me laugh out loud. This would make a good short story with the luxury of a few thousand more words to draw these wonderful characters even more boldly. Nice job.
Nice title! I wish this could go one for a little longer. I was really enjoying it. Interesting twist with the 'murder'. A very good mystery!
Being a huge fan of British mystery writers I loved this! Great job getting the 'faith' part into the mystery 'writing'
I just love the little touches of humor in here. This was so very engaging and wonderful.
Very well-written and compelling. It's probably just me, but I cringed a bit at the ending--I'd never be able to get past the violent act, despite the perpetrator's change of spirit. Love the voice, though, and the tone.
Certainly a different approach to mystery. The world just doesn't know how to handle it when God steps in.
Great story of forgivness!
Great food for thought!
This is really a delightful mystery, with great characters, a solid plot, a twist at the end, and clever humor.
Great writing and characterization, and a fun mystery.
Loved the humourous characterisation in this, my fav line: Sir Reginald fingered his infamous moustache with a degree of alarm at its being associated with the word "gnarly," Says so much so economically. An enjoyable read with a point. yeggy
This was delightful. You have to love a mystery where the victim is alive and well and serving the Lord! I too loved the characterizations and dialogue, very authentic.