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This had me on the edge of my seat until the very end. As a mom my heart panicked with the searching mom of Katie. I have had this happen with our youngest child, our daughter, and it is an awful feeling when they decide to wander and you don't have a clue where they would be. Great job, love your style. Keep up the wonderful work!:0)Janice+-
Great job with suspense, and with the wonderful lesson in the last sentence.
A few long sentences left me pausing for a breath, but the suspense was good. Nice mystery.
Well done. You've tapped the frantic - and joyful - moments children bring perfectly.
Thanks, and God bless,

I think I was holding my breath the whole time. Nice job.
Definitely edge of the seat writing. Well done. Yeggy
Wonderful descriptions--hold-your-breath suspense--perfect ending! My mother-heart was frantically searching with you.
My heart skipped several beats in this one. You definitely captured the frantic pace of this story.
My heart is still racing. I was breathless by the time you took us to the doghouse. I was so thankful for the way you ended it. Intense applause!
Been there. Done that. Kids can hide in the funniest places. They put you through torture, then laugh, because they really don't know the impact it has on you. Good story.
I loved your story. Great writing throughout and suspenseful to the funny ending. In Jesus' Name, Patricia
Thanks for the happy ending, now I can breathe again! Great writing!
Wow. You captured a mama's panicked heart to a T because my son did basically the exact thing---and it led to one amazing talk and his salvation, at 4! Great memories you gave me, but a wonderful mystery all the same.
It's like I couldn't read fast enough to see what happened and you had me right there with you. Great suspense and descriptions and love the last line.
Captivating, breathtaking. Wonderful writing. Only thing I would change is the length of sentence in the first paragraph. Otherwise, bravo!
I was completely distraught right along with mom. Wonderful job putting us "there". I think "Mason" should be capitalized, but I have nothing else but praise for this article. Great!