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What a marvelous testimony! I loved that Shirley said, "I'm not a Christian yet." That just really touched me.
As Jan said, "What a testimony!" Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.
A mystery, but heartfelt and yes, amazing testimony. Excellent.
This is so edifying!Thank you. What would we do without those most wonderful of angels the Lord has provided? (I'm wondering how much money that translates to in dollars?) God Bless~
This is a great story - and you did well to pack it into the word limit. Very good!
This is a great mystery. The kind that solving is best left unsolved and His wonderful provision thanked for instead. Great writing! ^_^
A Master's use of all 750 words. Excellent story. God bless.
Where would we be without those people who listen to God and obey even though it might hurt the pocket? Thanks for this delightful and honest peek into your life.You might have to wait a lot of years before this mysery is solved :-) Yeggy
Great testimony of God's goodness & intervention, and well-crafted!
Precious testimony! Touching and so well told! How did you do it in a only 750 words?
I love it when God works mysteriously. Won't it be fun when we get to heaven and discover all the other mysterious activities He instigated in our lives? Great writing!
I wonder if it is considered lying when doing good? Whoever left that money saw a need and met that need. A lesson for all of us to give without recognition. Great job.
...and now the mystery lives on, forever captured in prose to remind not only you, but your readers of God's grace and love for us!

:) Karen
A wonderful story! God does still perform miracles.
Ever the optimistic pessimist, I can attest that, though earthly bound, the deliverer of the note in such a situation could be some totally unknown third party - even a total stranger. I have experienced such situations before, having help arrive from the least likely source. When God's servants hear Him call, and act with blind faith and without blowing a trumpet before them, miracles abound for those on the recieving end.
Excellent telling - and, of course, I LOVE that it was true! I'm also curious of the yuan to dollar conversion rate :) I love it.