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Wow! Very well developed story. Couldn't take my eyes off it from start to finish. Great work. Quite sad.
This is a well-written story. I wish, however, that it hadn't left me with such a feeling of heaviness and hopelessness.
I didn't expect that ending. I guess I would have been pleased if his note had read "Thank you for nominating me for the Nobel Peace Prize" (or anything less jolting than what it was)

Still, your word carpentry was admirable. Nice job.
Great writing that held me the whole way through, but I hated the ending :) I think that in the secular world of writing, the more depressing your work, the better, but on FW, or in an yChristian publication, it is a different matter, and is meant to build up,inspire, or at least make one think more deeply about their faith.
Good story. I, too, was surprised at the ending, but not necessarily disappointed. It made me realize that there are many people out there with no hope, and we need to reach them before it's too late.
I almost lost the story line due to my constant wondering how the man got from a carriage to a train?? Perhaps "carriage" doesn't mean a horse & buggy type carriage...but a train? However, finally putting my confusions aside; I found the story beautifully written, sad, and poignant.
Oh, Cori, what a poignant little slice of life...or death, as it were. You've written such a very REAL character, with such skillful words. One feels as if one has had a glimpse into his soul.
Wow. The ending jolted me a bit too, seeing as I recently had a family friend take her own life. Great writing. As others have said, it had me from beginning to end.
So very sad but well-written. You created a believable character and a memorable story. Thanks for sharing it
So well-written, in a way that enabled me to "see" everything as it unfolded. Such a tragic ending, though, for the man and for his family. I wish someone had been in his life who could have helped him.
Your story was so alive and vivid. Having lived in the U.K. for many years and travelled in carriages on a train with characters as you described, brought back to mind a familiar scene. The ending did surprise me but we have to admit that such happenings are part of life. You did a splendid job with this entry.