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I enjoyed this very much. Hearing the Chinese concepts and pictures for "reading" really drove home the point - a very important point - of making Scripture part of minds and hearts. You got it all in there and made it look new and interesting. I read it with my heart.
You are indeed a scholar and language learner as your writing states, but you are a sensitive, perceptive teacher as well. I loved this piece. Thank you.
Thanks for teaching me this - it never fails to amaze me as to how the pictures were put together in the first place. I'd imagine that the Chinese are very prophetic - mostly "seers", considering they read and write with visuals to begin with.
Just fascinating. Wonderful lesson taught here that kept my interest from beginning to end. I love these pieces!
I don't know how you do it Suz, but you somehow weave this beautiful language and it's insights with the Words of God. Just beautiful.

These are magnificant and worthy to be kept, collected and hopefully put together for a future something! ;)
Oh, I loved how you helped us picture the Chinese words. Makes me wish we had more than one word for "read."
This is wonderful. I enjoyed learning about the different Chinese words. I also loved the application to the verse. Thanks for sharing this
I learned a lot from this---very interesting & masterfully written!
Quite a learning experience. Your patience is rewarding as you think it is all worth it. Thanks for sharing.