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Hehe I absolutely loved the ending. She knew how to read after all.

You have a missing word in one of your sentences. "To make matters worse, no one seemed understand." It should be " one seemed to understand." This was minor enough though, that it didn't detract any from the story itself.

I loved this story. It was so creative.
Only one comment?? This was adorable, and I love to read stories that make me smile :) You captured the writer's angst well too.
This is so cute and fun. You did a great job of portraying the MC's emotions. I enjoyed this story thoroughly.
You should read "The Dogs of Babel"--in it, the protagonist tries to teach his dog to TALK. Not "woof woof", but actual speech.
Clever idea! I didn't know there was actually a book to show you how to teach your dog to read! Don't think I'll try to train our dog yet.

Good job capturing the writer's anxiety (What if no one likes it?) that we all experience.
This was a really cute story and a very unique approach to the topic.
Very cute story, well written with a touching ending. One comment I have is that I was reading, Grace, as being a young girl, until I found out she was older. Probably just me. I loved the story. God bless.
Gorgeous! I like these 'feel good' type pieces. And yep, writing for a readership of writers, you've tapped into our emotions very well! Great job.
Great job! The ending was very creative.
It seemed incredible to me that anyone would believe they could teach a dog to read, but the feeling of elation at getting your first book published and the feeling of fear that no one might read it is very believable and understandable.
As a dog lover I say, "This is precious!" You really have a gift of communicating from the heart of "man's best friend."
I like the title of this! Aurora sounds like a fun dog, I always wanted a dog (Siberian Husky) but can't get one because of my silly :) cat. This was fun to read-great job!
You captured her feelings well, in a fun, different way AND reminded us to worrying and simply hold onto and do what God wants us to. Fun story!! :-)
I loved the ending. I definitely understood Grace's faith in teaching Aurora and her fears regarding the book. Very well done!
God placed animals in our lives for many good reasons - you've just shown us one of them!
Great story with a clever ending! I, too, wish I had a dog like this to encourage me! :)
Very cute and so touching. I enjoyed this very much. Thanks for sharing it.