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Beloved? What a great story. I got a little confused as to who was speaking at the end, but this is a wonderful word picture. Congrats!
Hmmm....I'm hate to have to admit this; but I have no earthly idea what this story is about. Pigs? Humans? Kings? Body Guards? Worms? spotless hands? Sorry, it escapes me. What else can I say? ("duh?")
Wow. Great point, well written.
Well now, this one...the message did hit me, but w/ a half-twist! Imagery is excellent and brings the reader right into the (rather uncomfortable) spot, then you wrap everything up in a way that encourages pondering. I like it!
Wonderful! I smiled when I figured out what her name meant, and I was touched by this beautiful picture of God's unending grace. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing it!
Oh my, this is a beautiful, beautiful "fairy tale." Love the "beloved" princesses, and the depth of your extended metaphors. Gorgeous.
Creative, and wonderfully written. This is why you are in 'Masters'.
I loved the fairytale setting to this great reminder of God's love for us. I have to admit, the names of the two princesses threw me a bit, being so similar, but I still enjoyed the visual of a princess eating bugs in the dirt. So many of us are in the same position with out even realizing that He has made us worthy. Great submission, Yeggy. :)
I loved the meaning of this entry. How often do we eat worms when God is trying to feed us prime rib! And why do we insist on seeing ourselves as poor paupers when we are, indeed, children of the king!? Wonderful through and through... just one tiny thing - in the 4th paragraph, did you miss the second "time" in your editing? Or maybe I'm just reading it wrong. ?? Other than that small thing that jumped out at me, the piece was awesome! Nice work!
No, you never said you wanted me to be like anybody else, ever.

We are made just the way we are to express a portion of God's heart that no other ever has or ever can.

Deeply stirring love story, reminds me of theses scriptures.

Son 6:3 I am my Beloved's, and my Beloved is mine; He feeds among the lilies.

Son 2:4 He brought me to the banqueting-house, And his banner over me was love.

Simply Beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Clever. I like the "she watched hungrily" line in reference to the caterpillars. I enjoyed this.
I did a double take when I read this line - I know that there was no goodness in you thinking that there is goodness even in the worst of us. As far as God is concerned though there isnt that is why we need grace. Good thought provoking story.
I too loved the line about eating worms. This was a beautiful allegory that bears comparison with 'Pilgrim's Progress'.

Congratulations on making it into the FaithWriters anthology - it well deserves its place there!
Congrats Yeggy on a well-deserved win. This was excellent.
This was awesome Val! Great work - great message - greatly done! Congratulations.
Exciting entry Val. Very thought-provoking with a great message. I had to read it twice to make sure I didn't miss anything. You did an excellent job and this will bless many who read it. Congratulations.
Original, creative and very nicely written. I "wriggled" myself as I read your description of the three worms and then was touched by the image of "the king" taking the caterpillars out of her hand. She felt unworthy at least in part because her own parents had abandoned her. After reading this story I am left with feelings of God's faithfullness, compassion and love.

Congrats on placing in Editor's Choice. Great job!
Val, I'm coming down the home stretch editing the Hidden in the Hymns anthology. Princess Pig Pen is the second last story in the book, and WHAT a story! I don't get a chance to comment on many winning entries these days, but having just read this, I have to say it was absolutely BRILLIANT. How could anyone miss the point?

Perfect analogy, and written in a way that held me from start to finish.

Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Oh, Val. I just finished reading "Hidden in the Hymns", and this was one of my absolutely favorite ones of the entire book. I am SO glad it was in, because I would have missed this astoundingly wonderful and enchanting tale otherwise. Wow.