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Truly a touching story. Would that we could all forgive such...cruelty. Would that we could all hear the Lord so clearly.

Thank you, and God bless,

Gripping, strong visual story! Those who forgive much will be forgiven much! Stories like this drive me to examine the much smaller injuries and slights I often choose not to forgive. Oh, and thanks for the gardening tip, knew about the corn and beans but not the zuccini! :-) yeggy
A Very suspenseful and heart-wrenching story of family violence. My mind always wanders... "what did she see in him originally?; Why did she fall in love with him back When?" However, this story is written very, very well. Good Job.
Oh, my goodness. I literally have chills. While this is a bit dark, it has a very powerful message, and it is written with excellence.
Touching, sad, and yet victorious at the end!

Emotion is well expressed, imagery is clear, and I like the way you introduce the story in the present and then do a flash-back. Effective!
Very well done. I found myself picturing the entire garden just from what you described. I almost felt the pain she must have had and then the anger I know she would have had. At the end, I realized that there are things I need to forgive and things that require me to seek forgiveness for.

Thank you.
You did a great job of engaging the reader and describing the garden. The act of forgiveness at the end was very touching. Nice job!
Excellent description - so vivid! I felt like I was right there - and what an ending!!! You gave me chills.
Very well written. Only God could provide forgiveness in such a sad situation.
I am still not sure what the three sisters were, but I found the main section of your story quite gripping. How sad for both the husband and the wife to live with the tormenting voices!