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I wondered as I read this if you had a particular 'keeper' in mind. An encouraging piece to both write and read. I love the way you developed the analogy of the child of God as keeper of the garden of his/her heart.
I like your take on life. How we are the keepers of the gardens for God.
What a wonderful tribute - incredible job of extending that metaphor throughout. I enjoyed this!
Very touching, and a warm tribute to the memory of a loved one. It's obvioius this was heart-felt and the writer invested his own heart in the analogy.

Just a couple of very teeny suggestions, which may not even be grammatical but they caused me to pause in the midst of reading:

"A keeper was assigned to each garden and given freedom to tend it as they wished." I'd like to see "they" become "he/she" to keep the singular form.

"And so His Son had laid aside His glory in the Heavens and became a keeper Himself." I'd like to see it either "had laid" and "had become" or "laid" and "became" - again continuity.

This is my favorite line: "The soil balanced, seeds grew to maturity, and the multiplication of life was witnessed over and over." Don't we all hope for that to be our legacy!
I loved the end section the reaction of the keeper to being home with the master gardener. becoming like the one we worship and adore! I had to read through it a couple of times to catch on to your comparison.