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Love it! What a wonderful imagination you have. Having been "up-close-and-personal" with South American cockroaches, I always do one better than Adam squash, don't scream. But, hey, this was great!
If you ever revise it, could you throw fire ants in there, too? Great story; I enjoyed it immensely!
Ok, so I'm still laughing. This was great! I loved the lines, "because he's so picky" and, "I can see we're gonna get along great."
What a fun read. Thanks for sharing.

God bless,

Fantastic! This is wonderfully cute and incredibly creative. My first big laugh was at "Hey you! Crunchy thing." Then again at "Now, I wasn't born yesterday. Okay..." Poor cockroach. You actually got me feeling sorry for the disgusting little critter. Exceptionally well done!
Too funny!!! Thanks for a great laugh! What a sense of humor and great imagination you have. Loved the flying sweetly toward Adam scene.
Very funny! Had me smiling all the way through! I also loved Hey you! Crunchy thing. Really 'envy' people who can write funny stuff - it's a gift and you use it well! Yeggy
All I can say is "WOW!" I think this is a winner!
Does this hide make me look fat?

So this is where "THOSE" words started...hehe. Nothing new under the sun, so they say.

I echo all the other comments. Outlandishly creative in every way. What a wheelbarrow load of fun you've created, Excellent Wow!
Too much fun! A laugh a line, at least! I also loved "Hey you, crunchy thing" - and most of your other lines! Masterfully done!
This is really great, so I'm gonna pick on a minor thing. It was obvious in the first paragraph that you were talking about a rooster, so you didn't need to spell it out. Very funny story! Great job.
If you think Adam is picky - wait until you hear this reader: "A Rooster does not warble or crows!" Loved the last line - about getting along with the Woman. "Achhh!" That was funny.
How hillarious! I'm sitting here laughing and everyone's looking at me! LOL I struggled at the very beginning, not recognizing the rooster. But past that, you had me right where you wanted me -- lapping up every line, anticipating the next laugh in response to your wit and creativity! Excellent! :)
Okay, what can I say that hasn't been said?

Personification is outstanding; humor is hardly the common variety.

You're such a comedian!!! ;-D

Definitely one of my favorites this week! Weonderfully creative appROACH and packed with humor. Simply delightful!
This made me laugh! So nicely done. An original piece, and I thouroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it.
This made me laugh! So nicely done. An original piece, and I thouroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it.
Still chuckling! TOO funny! Very well done!
My favorite this week, this is just as clever as they come.
And a very fine attempt at humor it was! The flying cockroach is a site to behold! It's clear they have to formidable training in this area. I'm still laughing.
A wonderful read! Don Marquis can pass the baton to you!
Tee hee! That was really funny! The cockroach trying to grovel like the stupid Dog! Pure genius. You maintained humour all the way through!
Enjoyed this. Gonna give you a DAVEY for originality.