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Loved the title and this last line: I heard once that life began in a garden. And I can say that is exactly how mine began as well." (the middle was good too!) One little "thingy" - Iscariot has only one "t". Good job.
Great point of view! I really enjoyed this. Of course the one who lost his ear must have been left with a lot to think about. Delightful title. yeggy
I love to hear bible stories like this from different points of view. What a PERFECT title, too! This was so well-crafted, and definitely made me think about that guard - whom I doubt I had even given a passing thought before this! Very unique perspective. Loved it.
Where to start? First, Great title! Then, a story about a man we don't think of often - but was healed that night in the garden. I laughed aloud at the "maniac" who came up and cut off his ear - (my favorite, Simon Peter!) Then I wept as I continued on. Just Awesome! So many emotions! Great job! Just fantastic, creative and I loved it! God Bless.
Very well done! I love this different POV of a familiar story. You captured the personal conflict of this soldier so well! Excellent from the title to the last word! God bless ...
Great re-telling of this story - very effective character study - and your ending is powerful! I love those last two sentences that stand alone to tell all. :-)
Very nice! Enjoyed the different viewpoint here. Well done.
Good job with the updated, idiomatic voice here.
I love Biblical fiction, and this didn't disappoint. Good job!
I toyed with writing a story about this servant, but changed my mind. I'm glad I did. You did a wonderful job! Blessings!
This was moving. Loved the soldier's POV. Thank you.
Excellent narrative! I liked the conversational style of your character.
I loved this. You took a very overdone story and made it fresh, keeping my attention all the way through. I especially liked the scolding himself for acting like a woman line. That cracked me up coming from a female author, but didn't distract from your great story, just enhanced it.
The title was almost too smart here. I was expecting a light piece, but was surprised by this wonderful story. Excellent writing. When I read it a second time, in the right mood, I enjoyed it even more. I guess I shouldn't judge a story by its title. It is a smart title, but maybe too cute for a piece of writing of this calibre. I'll be hoping this does well.
God bless.