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oh wow, the innocence of a made me smile...and I had promised not to respond to any stories until after class...

Thank you, I needed to be reminded that there is still innocence in this world...
I have tears in my eyes - what a beautiful story. Thank you.
Is it possible to smile and cry at the same time? I'm not sure, but I think I'm about to find out. Children have always had a special place in my heart, and this story touches that place.
Thank you for sharing this heart-warming, and heart-rending piece.

God bless,

What a lovely story. This tugged at my heart but left me smiling. Beautifully written: "I gather sadness around me like a shawl." I liked how you showed the passage of time with the ice melting in her glass. The ending was a really nice touch. Great work!
Kept me interested throughout and loved the ending - yup, she found a baby alright!
This is wonderful, touching and sweet. Loved the ending.
What a sweet, sweet story of innocence and healing! You did an amazing job of characterization here, and of displaying our wonderful God through these characters. Loved it!
In the 4th paragraph is an "is" instead of and "it"; not anything shaking if in Beginners, but in Masters? Just kidding. Loved your wonderful story of childish innocense. Nicely written story, also. Good Job.
Just wonderful! So touching and heartwarming. This is absolutely lovely, and it really touched my heart.
This was beautiful. It worked wonderfully in present tense - made it even more touching, if that's possible, but I was right there with Mom and felt her pain as well as her love for Maggie. Truly a masterful entry.
Oh Jan ... how precious! I rarely cry, but there are tears in my eyes. Such a beautifully told story. Excellent, but then I would expect nothing less from you! :)
Magnificent! Loved references to "veiled conversation" and "imperfectly masked sorrow" as well as your disclosure of the "baby!" This proves, once again, that childlikeness is a virtue. :-)
Wonderful... tears and smiles. The only improvement would be to capitalize Papa, Mama, Grandma in Maggie's paragraph, as they used as 'names.' Other than that, endearing, a gentle reminder of the innocence of childhood... that what God gives "is enough..."
This is precious & masterfully written (as always!)
I was enraptured through out
the whole story and when Maggie mentioned the cabbage leaf, I was undone by the beauty and grace of a child. What a tender story full of redeeming love, not to mention the wonderful descriptive language. Simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!
You made me cry. What a beautiful story. I'm going to send a link of this story to a friend in the same boat as your MC.
This is beautiful. Really hits home with me. My daughter was recently diagnosed with a condition that keeps her from getting pregnant. The doctors say there are ways to get around it, but it has been an emotional road.
I enjoyed this very much. The apt title drew me in, and I was delighted by the beautiful, innocent child.
A wonderful and creative use of the topic word. That tugged at the heart strings!
This was just beautiful. So touching....... WELL DONE. Wish I could say some more constructive comment - but in my humble opinion, it is quite perfect.
A good entry, Jan. I always enjoy your stories and this is certainly a blessing to read. Congratulations on your well-deserved win.