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What an incredible amount of content in such a small space. Beautiful. I read Psalm 134 just this morning and immediately thought of it as I read your opening line. It brought it to life for me.

I love your title too.
Condesned, articulate, powerful. This line took my breath away: "It cannot be stopped. It was sung by God himself."
Succint and sobering!
Beautiful. I love the whole thought of the God-song. It gives me goose-bumps. Well written. Thank you.
Your word choices are always so amazing as is your writing! Even rushed you can turn out something amazing!!! Your word choices even shine through in your title!
this reminds me of the News Boys' Song "He reigns". This is so well written and I can almost hear it as the choir in heaven.

Our God-songs go unsung... while we bicker over trivialities....
Very inspiring! I loved this!
"The melody spirals to heaven and perfumes the Throne room." I loved the clear picture this line created in my mind's eye. Can you imagine what all of our praises look like, spiraling around His throne, like the scented smoke of incense? Amazing.
You wrote this in half an hour? Wowsers! It's incredible.
I do believe you are a literary writer. We're not used to this in America any more. Now, how did you know a Yoruba name like Jumoke. Quite appropriate because we give it to the longed for child, and it suggests we are going to spoil this one.
I wish I could write like this in half an hour before leaving on holiday! Helen, this is absolutely stunning and tactile. What beautiful melodies come from YOU!
Short and sweet - God loves to hear us sing -
Incredible seems to be the right word! Wow! :)
Gorgeous piece, Helen! Yes, it's our lives that comprise His SONG, the echoed melody first sung by Creator. What an intoxicating outpouring of words to express His longing for the "broken and spilled out," like the pure nard in the alabaster jar! Love it, love it, love it.