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it's not really a melody unless it "rings true" for you and me...thanks for this poem
I really liked this. I hope the old hymns never die!
This is great! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me smile!
Wow, been there with all those took me down memory lane...and the powerful impact of hymns, too. In recent years the contemporary worship songs have added some deeply moving melodies to my collection! This was a fun read!
"Jesus loves me" has become a battle song for me. As I face the temptation to give in to discouragement my Father has lifted my chin and said "Sing". Powerful melodies for the breaking of strongholds! Thanks for your writing.
You made me smile too. This is great. God's melodies given to us are timeless and true. Well done!
Oh wow. Loved this one. :)
What a charming poem! I remember those oldies, too!
What a fun piece! I just smiled all the way through! And, of course, I adored the end. Great job!!
A wonderful trip down a musical memory lane.
What a delightful and fun poem this was! A couple stanzas didn't flow perfectly but who cares? Very well done - left me with a smile.
Sounds like you read my diary! Awesome! I remember my first transistor radio, too, listening to the top ten hits in the mid 60's. Anyway, this is great! You packed a whole lifetime of "melody" into one! Great work! :)
This poem brought back those good ole' years, and gave me a smile. Thanks for that wonderful trip down memory lane when songs had meaningful words. A little off on meter and rhyme, but I still enjoyed thoughts. Nice job.
I sing the ABC song to put things in alphabetical order too!

I take your point about the beautiful old gospel songs, but there are some magnificent modern gospel songs too. Anyhow, that's just being nit-picky, and only my personal opinion.

I hope you share this with your family ... perhaps in a Christmas letter or something? It's great!
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