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I enjoyed this. Pastor Walsh was very real, and struggling with true to life issues. 'batwielding' left me confused for a minute, somehow the typo made me thing of the animal rather than the implement! Once I'd pulled my brain back together, it all made sense! I love that Tom just didn't get it. So many people don't. Pastor Walsh's journey rings true.
You painted vivid word-pictures here--very nicely done.
Your stories are always wonderful. You have such a way with setting the scene and using vivid description. You're a true storyteller. I always enjoy reading your work. Great job once again!
Nice images in this.

My favorite line:

"But he knew that Gods people were called not to be survivors, but conquerors."
You made Pastor Walsh a true-to-life figure, one who has to face real issues. I enjoyed your entry.
This is WONDERFUL - wish the word count were higher! I hope you write a sequel to this some time! I was definitely taken by surprise by the boy's actions, and touched by the pastor's shepherd's heart. Wonderful writing!
What a beautiful tapestry you have woven for us, here! Everything about this story is just perfect. All the various threads tied together so well at the ending, and the message shines through from beginning to end. When your name is added to the page, I shall have to copy this to share with the pastors of our own inner-city church. They are kindred spirits with the pastor in your story.
Perfection! I hope this one places high!