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I was wondering if someone would take this approach, and glad that you gave us this intriguing character. Excellent writing.

There were a few places where I think I might have hyphenated some compound adjectives: blood-stained and rock-hewn stand out. Such a minor quibble, though.

I like the fact that you used "relic" both literally and symbolically. Very, very good.
This took me a bit to get...but that's problem because I'm tired and a bit thick-headed. You also taught me a couple of words I didn't know. Very interesting take on the topic!
What beautiful, beautiful language!! You paint an amazing portrait - nay, a masterpiece, with your words. I feel, however, like there is a "true" story behind this that I am unfamiliar with - probably because of my woeful lack of information on church history. (Or maybe not!) I am VERY curious as to the origins of this (unless, of course, it is made up!). Thank you for this wonderful picture!
Glenn, when I initially read this I thought it might be yours - well done! Well crafted and a good take on the topic
You touched my heart with this vivid picture,love the language, mastercrafted!!
I've learned something new today - thank-you.
Loved the intro. And this was a vocab lesson for me....I learned the meaning of "rood!"

My favorite line: "...He was alive and pursued the hearts of mankind with something other than a sword."

Beautiful writing. I was glad to read a bit of Church history.
Well told, an interesting take. I like the tie in to the Crusades, felt like it could have been a flash back scene in Indiana Jones :)
The last prargraph tears at the heart. So many people so things in the name of God and they are not godly acts at all.

That was an excellent read.

Well crafted and vivid. A good read.
Glenn, I really enjoyed this entry. I thought the angle you took on the topic was very creative. I especially liked the paragraph where you mentioned that people were more focused on how Christ died than how he was resurrected. Also, I love the way the narrator referred to Jesus as Jesu. I was a bit distracted because I did not know what rood meant (but that's my problem, not yours. ha!!) Great work.
Wow Glenn - this is excellent! Every word was so well crafted. And it's so poignant and sombering because it still is a picture of today. Sad.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Beautiful work with a somber tone yet communicating a sad truth of today -- focus on the death while the victory won seemingly ignored. No wonder you're a "master" -- this is masterfully done! :)