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Wonderful glimpse into a "could-have-been" experience. It should have been each one of us.
Oh, excellent! Great POV, and a powerful capturing of his tormented emotions.
"It should have been us..." a point you've driven right through our souls because of this well-written account of a truth that really hurts. A profound message for all to read! Great writing!
Wonderful, WONDERFUL and interesting point of view - a tale for each of us to take to heart - it really SHOULD have been me. You'd like to think this very thing happened, wouldn't you? This was riveting from the first word to the last!
This powerful message reached to the depths of my soul! Masterpiece!
Profound message writen from a great POV. I should have been ME.
You've entered the heart and soul with this one. I especially liked the wrap-around (repetitive) beginning and ending.
Very, very nice! You developed a personality for one who is almost forgotten in the scheme of the Crucifixion. Great work, full of emotion, paralleling the fact that it would have been US nailed to that cross rather than the Spotless Lamb of Glory. Well Done! :)
Very good perspective. We're never told what Barabas must have been thinking - we can hope it was something like this.
Excellently done. Flows well and brings to life a person we know little about.
Very original and well written. Excellent job. God bless.
This truly is a masterpiece. You captured the essence of what could have been and made it into a beautiful entry.
I like this a lot. Very well written and a powerful message.
Wonderful entry, Lynda (it is you, isn't it??). I never even thought of writing from this POV. Very powerful and moving. It brought tears to my eyes. I loved it.
Congratulations, Lynda! Wonderful POV...I hope he did change his life afterwards. You did such a good job at making it real how should have been each one of us.
Wonderful imagery, a very gripping and powerful story. Congrats on your win!
Congratulations on your win, Lynda. This is a very powerful, thought-provoking story. The kind of writing that stays with you and changes the way you look at things. Thanks for for your work.
Congratulations Lynda: Another great story of powerful words expressing the death of our Lord on the cross from a unique POV. I so enjoyed reading the entry and am happy for your well-deserved win. May God continue to bless your writing as you honor Him.