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I love it!!! So funny and creative - great job!
I just had to look at this article...I grew up with 'Get Smart' and even watched the movie "The Nude Bomb'. You awakened memories of the TV show with your article! Very funny! One thing you forgot, Max had a shoe phone. I don't remember a watch phone. Thanks for the memories!
A fun read and very well done -- it rings true to the tv show, even while pointing out that God is in control.
The title got my attention too as a former 'Get Smart' fan, and it sure ran true to the show!

WELL DONE! I love it!
Great job! It was fun to get a little snippet of one of my childhood favorites.
This must be you Karen! Cute story...I felt like I was watching the TV instead of reading, you had me right there!
Woo-hoo K Girl!

You're branching out to humor and parody and this doesn't fall flat on it's face.

A suprise entry from you.

I've never watched Get Smart - not once. Guess it's the generation thing. So some of the light is lost on me.

Great point though and it's SOOOOO AWESOME to see you branching out.

I want more like this, ya hear?!
A Christian "Get Smart!" I like it! Very clever and too fun. Great job!
Very clever--I could see it as I read it. Weren't C.O.N.T.R.O.L. and C.H.A.O.S. written like that? I could be wrong...Anyway, I absolutely loved this, I'd like to see it performed by a great Max Smart impersonator in a church.
What a fun read! And yes, you really captured the personality of 'Get Smart'! Loved 'Boris Offhisrockernoff'! Too cute!!
I loved your creativity...what a hoot this was! My sides were splitting as I could envision this clearly from my own memories of "Get Smart" episodes. Great job! Jo
Great fun! Kudos to you on a very creative, funny piece.
Oh, very well done, Karen. Very funny. Loved 'Boris Offhisrockernoff!' Creative, fun, true (except for spelling of CHAOS, but hey, creative licence and all that) to the characters in the show and makes a very good point. What a misspent youth so many of us had. :-) Keep the laughs coming - you've got a gift for it. Yeggy
HOW CRUEL!!! You start out so great and end with "to be continued"? UHHG! I hate that. lol. Really, great job.
Offhisrockernoff left me howling! A very fun read. :-)
I loved this and yes, I'm a closet Get Smart fan (especially now as it seems to tell our age). Very creative. Well done.
I loved this! What a creative way to use the topic. I was a fan of the show, and what a fun tip of the hat your piece was.
How fun is this? LOVED that show - and I am so thankful you pointed me this way. You did a fabulous job of capturing the show.