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I loved your story! My story this week was of similar topic , but I was not related to the MC. God's Forever children- I love that!
Child like faith - uninhibited or just sitting and breathing it in....lovely story.
This brought tears to my eyes. It's truly a gift that God doesn't show us our futures. We'd be terrified while he knows what gifts he gives us to handle those scary futures. I can't help but think of the girl who used to babysit my kids. When she found out her daughter was going to be born with serious limitations, it was a sad day. Her father refused her to acknowledge, saying inappropriate things. What a joy that little girl became to so many. It wasn't easy for her mother for sure. She lost her a few years ago, and would relive every hard day to have her daughter back here with her again. She knows she'll see her in heaven though. That little girl showed us Jesus' love in so many ways. I'd guess Brett does the same in his own way. Thanks for sharing a bit of him with me.
This is a beautiful but scary reality. We never know what waits for us around each corner. It must be a difficult thing to handle.

Myself, I had many developmental problems and had to depend on God every step of the way into adulthood. I prayed for wisdom because all my decisions seemed wrong, my growth, emotionally and developmentally stunted.

I think of David Ring when I read this. I also remember that though it must be tough wish your child could be normal, what is normal? We are all challenged.

I think it much worse if our child is normal, yet his or her heart is broken and denies Christ and searches the world for meaning and comes up with worldly things, Satan and evil as the solution.

We cannot choose what is around the next corner, but we can be content in the fact that God let's the challenges come to us and we learn from them.