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Has this been submitted before or in another area? I've read it before. It's a rough situation and sadly one too often found in the church. But, the Word is clear. Matthew 18 could be used in this situation if they are wanting to give the person a chance, but if a person is living in habitual sin and rejecting the Word, there's nothing you can do. Better to give them over to it for the hopeful saving of their soul.
I hope this person figures it out and comes back to the Lord. Good entry. Easy read.
I'm sure this is common in so many churches. It happened in mine many many years ago, before I started attending. Your story kept me interested the whole time. Well done!
I believe this was submitted in critique circle. A sad situation for sure. Hopefully the situation was handled in love and the person was restored to fellowship.
I would have stood up and cheered if this article ended with the question "What would Jesus do?" Blessings
A good story of a difficult issue-I'm very glad that there was lots of prayer and seeking guidance. I agree with the previous review that ending with a repetition of "What would Jesus do?" could be powerful.
This is a common dilemma. The UMC is going through something similiar right now. It's not an easy question to answer but is one we must think about.