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Wow! This is a winner. But aside from the good writing, I am amazed at the amazing grace given and received by both you and your wife. I'm assuming this is a true story.
Oh how my heart hurt reading this story. God is beyond amazing in His Sovereign power to grant us His perfect peace and grace in times such as these.

Beautiful poignant and truly worthy of the judge's attention. Fantastic and memorable.

This will be one I will remember long after reading.

God Bless you ~
A very powerful story, heartbreaking and emotionally charged.
How beautifully you told such an endearing and intimate story! I was touched by your experience. Well written.
Wow, wow, wow! Superb writing. Every sentence captured my attention. Every emotion took my breath away. The gentleness and grace you both displayed brings glory to God.
Keep writing. God used you to show us His beauty.
Excellent article, I didn't see where you were going until Ivy was born without a brain. As the father to a stillborn child I could appreciate the POV of the serviceman at the end.
Hope this was just fiction, even though I am sure it may have been based in fact. Suspect this will be a winner.
Well, so, ghee whiz. Where do I begin?

I guess I'll just say...Is there a rank higher than #1? A position even greater than first place? Because that's what this deserves.

I totally agree with all the other comments. This story is truly amazing...I cried and stand amazed at the love portrayed here. The point of view, and thorough use of it, was really poignant. May God bless and comfort!
What a powerful testimony! The writing was well done, too, with a good parallel between your service and the birth of your precious child. Great entry.
Your title, so perfect, was so off-putting because it foretold of something too excruciatingly painful to read. But your story is the epitome of grace. God bless you. As Tracy said, if there was a place above first, this certainly deserves it.
Goes for the emotional jugular.
I dito all the above comments and with trees I commend you with a well told personal story it had to be!
Thank you! This was inspired by a couple named Vanessa and Christian Murphy. They named their little boy Matthew. I was always moved by their journey and I have shared your comments with them.
It was Anzac Day here in Australia when I wrote it so I added the Soldier’s perspective.
My heart goes out to all who have lost a child. God sees.
Oh how this touched my heart. The last baby we lost was anencephalic. It took a long time for me to understand God's timing. Stories like this serve to remind me, God knows us better than we know ourselves. I don't think I could have survived losing one from my arms after 10 years of trying. God knew that, and blessed me with miscarriage in the 4th month.

Thank you for this piece, for your heart in it. Congrats on your well deserved 1st place win.
What a moving, heart wrenching
story. Congratulations on
your '1st Kate' it should rank
a 1st of the 1sts. I want to cry! Thank you for excellent creativity,pointing us back to Our Lord.
Overwhelmingly talented and creative writing!
Congratulations on your 1st place win,Kate!

The love of these parents is so genuinely and eloquently stated through the narrator. I'm definitely adding to my favorites.
I've just read this extremely moving story, written with tenderness and realism. Congratulations on your well-deserved 1st place for this.
This really touches my heart. As a former OB nurse, I have helped patients deal with the loss, it's indescribable and I often shed tears with them too. Then recently my daughter lost a baby and the pain was so intense. This story will help so many parents who are struggling with the loss of a child. Congratulations on winning the end of quarter winner for level 3. Happy Dance. You can see the winners on the message boards.
Beautiful, moving story, expertly told. It will touch the hearts of many.
I read this again because of your BOB. It is still amazingly written and an amazing story! Congratulations and God bless!
Oh my goodness, Kate! What an amazing piece of writing. You captivate the reader, and elicit such an emotional response. Congratulations! Well deserved.
Your moving was so deserving of winning the Quarterly awards, Kate.

I'm going to look for your name in the future; you are talented.
What a perfect, beautiful story!
I felt as if I were led into battle with this couple in a ritualistic way and ambushed with a huge surprise attack. I did not expect you to lead me into such an emotional battle.
Your soldier's response, his understanding of God's stubbornness, His refusal to let go-- that was the most beautiful, perfect part of all. I left the battlefield undefeated.
Fantastic writing. Congratulations!
My favorite story of the year. So well written and memorable. Congratulations on the recognition.
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart with us all here, thank you for your bravery, thank you for the inadvertent wisdom your story has passed on to me and I'm sure to many others too, just a huge thank you!

Beautifully written even down to the last word, so much went into your writing that cannot be put into words other than simply beautiful! Blessings!