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I love the flow of this article, a picture of an elder, filled with grace and strength, not crushed by the blows of life. This picture is filled with simile an a poet's hand. Thank you!
Loved this peek into the wisdom and understanding of a mature Godly man. Good job!
You've described well the man who is like that tree ... well done.
I love this piece and the way you made your description of the man be applicable to any Christian man in history, but in some ways it could also be Christ whom you describe. His only "imperfections" are the scars He bore unto heaven and the emotional scars, though a stretch, could be a reference to the pain of His feeling forsaken on the cross, by both friend and Father. The room for interpretation in this piece allows us to see each Christian man in the reflection of Christ's example; just as we are to be seen.
I really enjoyed this. Great descriptions, you did a wonderful job of bringing this verse to life. Very well done.
Quite lovely, peacful, and full of strength.
"He is not perfect", and yet he stands tall. This is such a wonderful piece to explain that beautiful verse in the Bible that you have quoted.
Brilliantly written in such a few words! A Masterpiece of artistry at work! Kudos!
A lesson for me to remember, here. Thanks. Yeggy.