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Very funny and enjoyable. The accent was great.
Very funny. Great dialect.
Awesome dialect! I wanted the jabber to continue to the end...and sort of blipped those last two paragraphs as a result. :-)

Great character portrayal with a teeny bit of focus on one tree.....

ROFL - this is EXCELLENT! I doubt Psalm 1 will ever be quite the same for me again.... (Giggling still as I type)
Wonderful!!!! Humorous, and with a message to boot. And really, your statement about "stealing the treasure of those who think it important to hide it" is very deep.

I couldn't find "vexom" anywhere...but it may be because I couldn't find me pirates' dictionary, arrrrrgh.
This is so funny! I loved it. Very well written too!
Laughed aloud at the Dental Advertisement per se; and what happened to Petre's accent in the question: "A Swiss army knife with a tree saw attacment?" (couldn't help but notice the perfect diction). This is indeed a funny, witty and brilliant take on "trees". Kudos!
This 'eres be the bes' laf' I 'ad allweek, matey, a tale worthy of Long Jon 'isself...
Not a black spot to be seen, aaargh, the moral oh this yarn, clearas the bowsprit on a galleon, to be sure...always carry a Swiss army pocket knife with tree saw attachment...ahhhhahaha clever matey, veeeery clever!
Too many funny spots to mention and a laughing matter all the way. What a talented refreshing delight!

And sometimes a treasure muliplies in Eternity's measure when put in the Hands of God huh?

Footnote: I guess I shouldn't say 'sometimes,'...I should say,

'A treasure always multiplies in Eternity's measure, when placed in the hands of God.'
Loved the title! Some very funny moments. (Watch out, though, 'Ye might just yerself' appears to have a word missing and Petre is also spelt Petra.) Yeggy