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Very interesting use of a third party's point of view. You grasped the realism of a boy's desire to avoid the work and the frustration of his family. Would have liked to see more of a transformation in Zacchaeus, but his return to share his testimony is a great example of what we are supposed to do.
Enjoyed the boy's point of view in this well-known story. I'm left wondering why Zaccheus would seek out the boy...specifically...but perhaps that's a God-thing! Nice storytelling that made the event come to life. :-)
What a creative perspective! It drew me in as a good story should, and gave me chills in the end. I loved how you captured the childlike thought process - especially when he continued to try and get out of work! But I loved the ending with Zacchaeus knowing the boy would be back up there! Hey! I like these big boxes! They come in handy!
very creative take on an old story! I loved this!
You made the story come alive for me... very creative, very well done.
I enjoyed this! A new perspective, and I'm glad ol' Zach went back to share with the boy. Great writing!
This was so well written and creative! You brought the story to life for me!I am always amazed at all of you who can write so realistically in that time period. Thank you!:)
As I began to read, I saw some "little" things I was going to comment on; like an "s" that didn't belong, or some small incidental - but at the end....Wow, I forgot everything! The lump in my throat and the tear in my eye erased everything. Super! I loved this version of the Biblical account of our loving Lord and the short man in a tree! Many Kudos!
PS: Great title, by the way.
What an interesting point of view - great work! Well done.
Okay, Marilyn, you've gotten to the perfectionist in me--what "s" didn't belong, and what are the little incidentals?

Thanks for the kind review, by the way.
I love the message in this well-written piece. Although Jesus did not immediately call the boy out of the tree, He still had a plan for him. God's grace extends to all, and He uses His saints to deliver it.
Whoa, am i impressed? Good writing, makes the bible story take on a whole new meaning
Great story. Very believable. I love the touch about him having mocked Zaccheus in the past and the end when Zaccheus came back to minister to the boy. Excellent work.
Interesting twist on an old story. I liked it very much.
Very cute! An interesting twist on the story :)
Loved the way you captured the character of the boy and his perception of Zak. Wondered, as I read, if I would be satisfied with the end as the POV character appeared not to have changed at all. Then you double whammied me with the reappearance of Zac in the tree. Well done. Yeggy