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You make valid points about our closeness to the Father. I'm thankful He never moves and I always know exactly where I left Him.

Thank you for sharing.
A very moving and powerful piece. So well written and said. This one touched my heart, sometimes I give in to temptations of rich desserts, and foods...I'll remember this as I give it up to Christ in the future.

Well done.

God bless~
I related to this because I've wrestled with eating disorders for a good portion of my life. It's amazing how Satan can use something we must have to survive against us in such a horrible way. I like how you offered up your pain. I often will do that when my pain is ravaging my body and will use it as a reminder to pray for someone else.
You've reminded me of how I connect best with God - like you've done here and I haven't done it in awhile. Very good reflecting. Thank you for sharing what God spoke back to you.
I can relate to the struggle with food.

I agree that we put too much emphasis on God drawing near to us, when it is us that leave him and go astray. We need to return to Him.

Thank you for sharing! Praying for you as you fight your battle.
The only thing I would add to this is that it is important to remember that the world is moving away from God. Sometimes we find ourselves carried away with it, and then say "I haven't moved away from God." But the truth is that when we do not actively work out our faith and actively move towards Him, then whether it is the world carrying us away in complacency, or us running away in shame, makes no real difference; it is still us moving away from God.

Great job in writing this and exposing this all too often overlooked dilemma. I liked how you highlighted food, but I could be anything that we put priority on over God.
Lovely devotional written with wisdom and discernment.

The enemy knows our individual weakness so well and is a master at setting us up to be self deceived.
God used your wonderful essay to touch my heart and taste buds. Thank you!