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This is a powerful testimony and I can feel your passion. I do believe that we need to go out into the world with the gifts that Jesus bestowed on each of us. Of course, we all have different gifts. I think that God gives us pain, fear, and anxiety as a means to protect ourselves, but sometimes that fear can overwhelm and cripple. But through the strength of Jesus, we can overcome.Your story reminded me that I need to hand him my fears. I think different people will take different things from your article and that is a good thing because it shows the Holy Spirit using your gift to touch countless others. May God bless you as you go out into the world and show others the Truth.
Very powerful story...full of truth and real life reactions to people who are called to be missionaries. I think you covered the topic well and I thank you for sharing.
You took me with you to the mission field. The heartbreak of those living in the world as paralleled to the worldly system as providing a literal hell is chilling. We all need to be reminded of the white fields ready for harvest and be bold and fearless as we venture in His Holy Name. Thank you for this serious and thoughtful - and well written essay . . .
My hat's off to you. This is excellent and very powerful. You had me right there in the storyline. GREAT writing.