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Touching "love story" in more ways than one. The love of God interspersed with the couple was very clever. God bless~
I enjoyed the characters in this story. You described both well. Blending the romance part of their story with the spiritual truths was well done.
Well told story. Having worked with many illiterate people, I would question whether or not John would've been so up front about his illiteracy. Most never are. But the story flowed well and had a satisfying ending. Well done.
Touching, romantic story. I enjoyed this.
This really is a feel good story. I would be a little nervous about someone staring at me on the subway. I'm not sure I would have had the courage to even talk to the guy. I'm glad things worked out for your characters.
I really enjoyed this. The need for romance so often interferes with a relationship with God. We want to be loved by the opposite sex more than our Creator.

I loved how you had your MC devoted, first to God, and then placing romance on the back burner.
Wise advice for anyone seeking a relationship!!!

Well done!!!!
The warmest and fuzziest! I love this . . .
This was such an interesting piece mixing a story on illiteracy with romance as well as talking about the importance of a committed Christian relationship. You always create such likable characters - you are also a romantic at heart! Thanks for this piece - God does work in mysterious ways when we allow Him in. I found it almost amusing that she was reading her bible and yet looked and talked to the guy in an annoyed way. Kind of ironic. We do need to be careful, but we also need to trust. That can be a hard line to discern at times which your story illustrates so well. Of course, loved the ending.
A sweet and romantic story which I enjoyed. Well done.
I enjoyed your characters - they were not predictable at all. They were unique and surprising. Is this a true story? It very well could be. Well done!
Ahh, what a beautiful story. I so enjoyed it. There are many lessons in this delightful piece. I suspect next month I could read it and God will have the perfect message for me then. It takes talent and obedience to write a story like this.
A well written and engaging piece!